• Unreisen - Felicitas Hoppe und Indra Wussow im Gespräch

    "Aneignung ist ein ziemlich zwielichtiges Wort - die Welt ist nicht notierbar!" Reisen, Nachreisen, Unreisen – was passiert eigentlich, wenn wir reisen, sei es nach außen oder nach innen? Kommen wir tatsächlich irgendwo an? Aus unserem Projekt "Transformation & Identity" hervorgegangen ist das Buch "Unreisen": Im gemeinsamen Gespräch erkunden die Weltreisenden Felicitas Hoppe und Indra Wussow fremde und vertraute Landschaften, verorten die Sehnsucht nach dem Paradies und die Strapazen, die das sich auf den Weg machen mit sich bringt. Eine so kluge wie erhellende Selbstbefragung über Möglichkeiten und Grenzen kultureller Aneignung. Flankiert von Arbeiten des südafrikanischen Künstlers Jaco van Schalkwyk und einer Klanginstallation der südafrikanischen Pianistin und Komponistin Jill Richards. >> read more

  • Reconcile Corona

    Deconcile – Reconcile. We assume that with regard to Corona as with any other issue that moves people locally or world-wide, a consensus about its nature and the best way of dealing with it cannot easily be had. There is no conciliatory, least of all a unanimously shared opinion, but a set of ‘deconciling’ views and opinions. Our aim is to reconcile these conflicting views to each other, and thus answer to a near-future challenge that was still unforeseeable in the recent past, but has developed into arguably the pre-eminent To Do on the list of things to be dealt with in the 2020s. >> read more

  • Solomon "Sally" Perel in South Africa in February 2020

    Solomon "Sally" Perel was born in Peine, Germany in 1925 to a German Jewish family. He escaped persecution by the Nazis by masquerading as a non-Jewish German. Loosely based on his autobiography 'Ich war Hitlerjunge Salomon (I was Hitler Youth Salomon)', his life story is told in the 1990 Film "Europa, Europa" which was awarded the Golden Globe for best Foreign Language Film, and was nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar) for best screenplay in 1992. We invite you to three special events to meet and celebrate an extraordinarily courageous man. And we are very happy that the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre and the Goethe Institut are partners of this very special visit. >> read more

  • Diverse People Remember - The Sylt Foundation’s new international long-term project

    Following up the Transformation and Identity project the Sylt Foundation’s new international long-term project, Diverse People Remember, aims to share approaches to trauma and reconciliation through the arts. Telling our stories is fundamental to catharsis, healing and reconciliation on an individual, community, national and international level. Diverse People Remember will send small teams of writers, dancers, artists and psychologists into chosen communities in the six countries we work in with the task to collect and share memories, to address and heal trauma, to learn from our pasts and to share with other communities in other areas and countries. >> read more

  • Chilean writer-in-residence Rodrigo Naranjo at Wits University on 4 October 2018

    Chilean writer-in-residence Rodrigo Naranjo speaks at Wits University about The Dynamics of Captivity and the American Imagination >> read more

  • Myanmar artist Phyu Mon is artist-in-residence on the island of Sylt/Germany in April and May 2018

    Phyu Mon (b. 1960) is regarded as one of Myanmar’s most profiled conceptual artists. She is one of the very few women artists in Myanmar who currently works with digital photography, visual art, poem and writing as short story. As a fellow of the Sylt Foundation's Transformation and Identity Programme she will spend April and May 2018 at the foundation's headquarter on the german island of Sylt. >> read more

  • Violent Memories - readdressing transformation through dance. Workshops and improvisations. Johannesburg, 10th to 18th February 2018

    Daniela Contreras (Chile) - Judith Kuckart (Germany) - Itumeleng Mokgope (South Africa): three choreographers and dancers, whose lives and careers were extremely shaped by social and political changes in their countries embark on a physical and intellectual journey to scrutinize the inner self transformation. In Johannesburg there will be workshops and improvisations with other dancers and non professionals to examine how trauma and transformation changed our perceptions and our bodies and how healing can be enhanced through the power of dance. >> read more

  • Violent Memories - depicting trauma and transformation in the visual arts. Workshop on Sylt from 2nd to 6th November 2017

    Seven artists from Israel, Germany, Chile, Myanmar, Cambodia and South Africa meet, discuss their perception of transformation, trauma and reconciliation as mirrored through their works. They will use the time together on Sylt to also conceptualize a group show of their works that will be shown in Yangon and Phnom Penh in 2018 as part of our project. (picture: © Sao Sreymao, Bargaining) >> read more

  • Transito - Amanecer de una nueva era? Workshop in Chile, 5th november until 15th december 2017

    Artists from Chile, Myanmar, Germany and Poland will meet to discuss themes of transformation and identity from a literary and philosophical view. >> read more

  • Sensing change and transformation. Workshop in Phnom Penh/Cambodia  August 2017

    Phnom Penh/Cambodia is the next place after Yangon/Myranmar where the Sylt Foundation enables authors and artists from different countries to discuss matters of transformation and identity. Co-curators: Indra Wussow (Germany/South Africa) and Irene S. Leung (USA/Cambodia). In cooperation with Deutscher Literaturfonds e.V., the Goethe Institut Cambodia and others. >> read more

  • Violent Memories. Workshop in Yangon/Myanmar April 2017

    Violent Memories - Transformation and Trauma: How do artists and writers respond? Opening workshop and presentation of the Sylt Foundation's new long term exchange programme. Yangon/Myanmar, 25th April to 1st May 2017 >> read more

  • Poet Han Lynn from Myanmar on the island of Sylt and in Bremen in May/June 2017

    Poet Han Lynn from Myanmar is coming to Germany: In May and June 2017 he will spend a residency on the island of Sylt and join the the festival "Poetry on the Road" in Bremen. >> read more

  • Transformation und Identität - Trauma und Versöhnung. Ein Langzeitprojekt der Sylt Foundation, unterstützt vom Deutschen Literaturfonds e.V.

    Wie gehen Länder, deren Geschichte von Gewaltherrschaften geprägt ist, mit ihrer Vergangenheit um? In Workshops und internationalen Begegnungen werden in den nächsten Jahren Künstler, Schriftsteller, Komponisten und Kuratoren aus Kambodscha, Chile, Kuba, Deutschland, Haiti, Myanmar und Südafrika dieser Frage nachgehen. Der Deutsche Literaturfonds e.V. unterstützt das Projekt für die beteiligten deutschsprachigen Autoren. >> read more

  • Transformation and Identity, Trauma and Reconciliation - A new exchange programme

    Artists, writers, composers and curators will be part of a new exchange programme that negotiates our different approaches to reflect on our "burden of history" through the means of art. The programme will take place in Cambodia, Chile, Cuba, Germany, Haiti, Myanmar and South Africa. >> read more

  • What is Poetry? The IVth What is Poetry Festival will take place in 2018 in Ubud/Bali and is partner of the Sylt Foundations  "transformation and identity" programme.

    What is Poetry? The IVth What is Poetry Festival is being postponed and will take place in April 2018 in Ubud/Bali. It is partner of the Sylt Foundations "transformation and identity" long term programme. >> read more