Fellow of the Sylt Foundation
Lae Phyu Pyar Myo Myint is joining the Sylt Foundation's exchange programme Transformation and Identity and taking part in the exhibition "Violent Memories" in Yangon/Myanmar in april 2017.

Although I thought that our country, Myanmar, has Gender Equality, it is not real. Later I knew that many women are being discriminated. Now I create the collage Art as the Discrimination Against Women concept. I would like to express that women journalists did not get the chance of Gender Equality.

I was born in 1985. My parents are cartoonist U Myo Myint and Artist Daw Khin Than Phyu. As My mom is an artist, writer and publisher of Art in Myanmar art magazine. I happened to follow her Art Exhibitions and was familiar with Art since a young age. I learnt painting from my mom and Daw Nwet Nwet Yi. I passed matriculation exam in 2003 and since I was interested in studying nature and environment, I chose to attend Environmental studies as my major subject. While attending university, I attended every Art exhibition, Installation exhibition and Performance exhibition of many artists, no matter how they are famous or not.

In 2003, I showed my arts for the first time at the group exhibition which also showed artworks by CNK, Chaw Ei Thein, Marlar San, Zaw Myint, Khin and Khin Than Phyu. By reading books and observing Arts, I also wanted to write, and in 2004 I started writing about Arts (Arts exhibition critics and interviews with Artists) which I admire so much. Since then, I have been writing interviews with artists, writers, composers, designers, vocalists and actors and actresses in other magazines as well. Again in 2004, I made an art exhibition together with my mom to cure the mentally ill people from an asylum. I donated a picture I painted myself and asked other artists to donate their paintings also. In 2005, I made an art exhibition titled “The emotional scenes and me, me and the toys” and in the opening ceremony of it, I made a memorable praying ceremony for the victims of Sunami.

Also in 2005, I started working for Myanmar Lexicon Technology Co., Ltd as a junior online editor, writing news and interviews for their websites, www.lexiconstar.com and www.yadanapura.com, while attending my senior year at university. In September 2005, I made my first solo art exhibition titled “Art at 20” at Summit Art Collection at Hotel Nikko Royal Lake. I worked at Myanmar Lexicon Star. Co., Ltd from 2005 June to 2006 March and from 2006 June to 2007 May, I worked for Perfect Magazine as a reporter writing articles about Arts and Literature. From 2007 May to 2008 August, I worked for Crony company as an editor for their website www.phoewa.com.

Since 2008 October I have been working for NOW! Magazine. From 2008 October to 2016 August, NOW! Magazine targeted young people and I wrote Show Biz news and interviews and women issues such as: Business Women, Artists, Activities, Gender Equality, CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women), Women & Violence, Women & Sexual Harassments which will be beneficial for young people. I am working for The Myanmar Times Journal from September 2016 until now. I am writing art articles for timeout. In September 2010 I made my second solo art exhibition “Silber September” at New Zero Art Space. Currently I am also writing articles and interviews on the one hand and still observing about art on the other.

When I painted for that exhibition, I got an idea to draw Myanmar Traditional toys such as bamboo snake toy, Pyit Tine Htaung, Phoe Wa Yote which were my favorite toys when I was young. Since then I have been drawing Myanmar Traditional toys as pictures and showed them in group arts exhibitions as well as solo art shows. The group art exhibitions at which I showed my arts are “The emotional scenes and me, me and the toys” (Mr. Guitar Café, Yangon, Myanmar. 2005), “X’mas Season” (Park Royal Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar. 2006) and “Classical Dreams Art Exhibition” (Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar. 2007). My solo shows are “Art at 20” (Gallery Summit Art collection, Hotel Nikko Royal Lake, Yangon, Myanmar, 2005) and “Silver September”, 2ndSolo Show (New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar, 2010), Save the Victim Art Exhibition, Institute Francais, Yangon, Myanmar (2012). And I participated in many group shows.

I created an installation art as "Women & Empowerment" concept in the "Image of Women 2014 Myanmar" exhibition at the Institute Francais in 8 March 2014, International Women’s Day. And I also participated in the International Women's Day Documentary 2015. In 2016 I attended the "Reporting Discrimination Against Women" Workshop, in the Philippines from 28 March to 5 April. Now I am writing not only Women Issue but also about Art especially in The Myanmar Times.