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The Sylt Foundation initiated and runs an new long term exchange programme. Artists, writers, composers and curators will be part of the TRANSFORMATION AND IDENTITY project that negotiates our different approaches to reflect on our "burden of history" through the means of art. The Sylt Foundation is inviting artists from seven countries into this exchange programme to offer the possibility of travel to different places where they will meet international colleagues, learn, compare, exchange and thus reflect the results in their works. This programme will take place in Cambodia, Chile, Cuba, Germany, Haiti, Myanmar and South Africa. Our opening workshop will take place in Yangon/Myanmar from 25th April to 1st May 2017.
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Workshop and presentation in Yangon/Myanmar, 25th April to 1st May, 2017

When political systems and societies change – how does it affect personal lives and psychologies and how do artists and writers respond to its changing expressions and perceptions in a hybrid world?

In different workshops during four days our perceptions of change, of our burdens of history will be scrutinized and discussed. How do artists of different societies and cultures deal with change and social upheaval? Are there common denominators and where are points of contacts? And what does it mean for common artistic collaborations. Especially for international and intercultural art projects.

Experiences/ discourses convinced the curators and the participations that language, poetry and literature should be scrutinized interdisciplinary and thus artists from other fields are invited to share their experiences and ideas.

The interdisciplinary approach will be at the core of the entire “Transformation & Identity” project of the Sylt Foundation for the next five years and discourses and work shops among poets, visual artists, dancers, musicians, composers and curators about their ideas and experiences will be an integral part of the experience as well as opportunities to showcase the results in form of book publications and exhibitions.

All the visual artists traveling with will work on local projects that investigate the idea of transformation and change trough their specific art form.

A show of previous works of all of the foreign artists will be shown together with artists from Myanmar in an art institution in Yangon during their stay.

The events in Yangon are a collaboration of the Sylt Foundation with the Burmese art Journal “Be Untexed”, the German “Literaturfonds” and “Short Story Day Africa”.

Curator is Indra Wussow.


VIOLENT MEMORIES - Literary Readings
Poetry from Myanmar and all over the world

27th april 2017, 7 p.m.
at Myanm(art) Gallery
98, Third Floor, Bogalay Zay St, 11161 Yangon, Myanmar

Eaindra (poet / Myanmar)
Enrique Winter (poet, writer, editor / Chile)
Fred Apke (dramatist, theatre director, actor / Germany-Poland)
Guy Helminger (poet, curator, presenter / Luxemburg-Germany)
Mae Yway (poet / Myanmar)
Nikola Madzirov (poet / Macedonia-Germany)
Rachel Zadok (poet, editor / South Africa)
Tha Kount Tharr  (poet / Myanmar)
Zaw Lu Sein (poet / Myanmar)
Zeya Lynn (poet / Myanmar)

moderators: Di Lu Galay and Indra Wussow

A collaboration of the Sylt Foundation, the Burma-based electronic journal Be Untexed, the Goethe-Institut Myanmar and the Myanm(art) Gallery in Yangon.
Special thanks to Deutscher Literaturfonds for supporting the participation of Fred Apke.

literary readings with:


VIOLENT MEMORIES - the workshops
date t.b.a.
Ahla Thit Gallery, No. 17, University Avenue Road, Bahan Township, Myanmar

1. The Camera Eye: State Surveillance of Artists and Censorship Past and Present
The panel will discuss the challenges artists, poets, writers etc were faced with serveillence and censorship in the past and the situation today, drawing on the panelists' experience.

2. Winged Imaginations: Arts and Social Engagement
The panel will discuss how artists, poets and writers take on the idea of social engagement in arts.

3. Stitched Up and Muted: The Role of Women Artists, Poets and Writers and the Challenges They Face, Past and Present

4. New Directions in Arts, Post-Colonial, Post-Dictatorship

5. World Literature in Flux: Discussion on Translation and New Literary Possibilities
In this panel, the participants will touch on the importance and challenges of translation while they will also discuss the changing literary trends and explore new possibilities. This panel is dedicated to translation, world literature and new poetics

6. Interdisciplinary work and international collaborations - new perceptions through the arts


VIOLENT MEMORIES - an art exhibition
Ahla Thit Gallery, No. 17, University Avenue Road, Bahan Township, Myanmar
further information follows

Aung Naing Soe (Myanmar)
Ké Su Thar (Myanmar)
Ku Kue
Lae Phyu Pyar Myo Myint
L.I.E.S. aka Jonas Gerberding (Germany)
Lut Latt Soe
Tuomo Manninen (Finnland)
Achim Mohné (Germany)
Michael Maierhof (Germany)
Shine Ko Ko
Thu Kim Vu (Vietnam)
Jacob van Schalkwyk (South Africa)

curators: Phyu Mon, Ké Su Thar, Indra Wussow


list of all participants:
Achim Mohné (artist, activist / Germany) - Angela Tsakiris (editor / Germany) - Aung Naing Soe (artist / Myanmar) - Aung Thura (Myanmar) - Di Lu Galay (poet / Myanmar) - Eaindra (poet / Myanmar) - Enrique Winter (poet, writer, editor / Chile) - Fred Apke (dramatist, theatre director, actor / Germany-Poland) - Guy Helminger (poet, curator, presenter / Luxemburg-Germany) - Han Lynn (poet, translator / Myanmar) - Indra Wussow (curator, writer, Director of the Sylt Foundation / Germany) - Jacob van Schalkwyk (visual artist / South Africa) - Jan Valk (editor, publisher, literary critique / Germany) - Ké Su Tharr (artist, poet / Myanmar) - Ku Kue (Myanmar) - Lae Phyu Pya Myo Myint (Myanmar) - L.I.E.S. aka Jonas Gerberding (graffiti artist / Germany) - Lut Latt Soe (Myanmar) - Ma Ei (artist / Myanmar) - Ma Ei (poet / Myanmar) - Ma Thidar (Myanmar) - Mae Yway (poet / Myanmar) - Marc Glöde (curator, critic and film scholar / Germany) - Maung Day (Myanmar) - Michael Maierhof (composer, philosopher / Germany) - Min Htet Maung (Myanmar) - Moe Satt (Myanmar) - Nguyen Anh Tuan (Myanmar) - Nyan Lynn (poet, blogger, digital artist / Myanmar) -  Nikola Madzirov (poet / Macedonia-Germany) - Nyein Chan Suu (Myanmar) - Nyein Way (Myanmar) - Phyu Mon (Myanmar) - Rachel Zadok (poet, editor / South Africa) - Satan (Myanmar) -  Shine Ko Ko (Myanmar) - Tha Kount Tharr (poet / Myanmar) - Thu Kim Vu (visual artist / Vietnam) - Tuan Nguyen (curator / Vietnam) - Tuomo Manninen (photographer / Finnland) - Way Khaun (Myanmar) - Zaw Lu Sein (poet / Myanmar) - Zeya Lynn (poet / Myanmar)


Eine Reportage von Indra Wussow für Radio bremen zwei

Yangon - die größte Stadt Myanmars sucht sich selbst: zwischen atemlosem Fortschritt und den alten Strukturen. Die Stadt häutet sich in einer geradezu atemberaubenden Geschwindigkeit.
mp3-download der Sendung hier
(picture: Indra Wussow at the Myanmar workshop with Di Lu Galay)

Myanmar, 90 años después de Neruda
by Enrique Winter, chilean poet and writer, after having joined our workshop "Violant Memories" in Myanmar, april 2017 / published in Santiago Magazine, Universidad Diego Portales, july 2017
"A Pablo Neruda le costó encontrar Rangún en el globo terráqueo de la Cancillería. La zona estaba abollada. La eligió entre las ciudades que le ofrecieron porque no la había oído jamás, pero lo cierto es que la capital de la colonia británica de Birmania era por entonces el principal puerto del sudeste asiático y el más moderno fuera de Europa. De ahí salía la mitad del arroz del mundo. (...)"
read the whole article: http://revistasantiago.cl/myanmar-90-anos-despues-de-neruda/
all pictures © Enrique Winter

© Enrique Winter

Esquina donde vivió Neruda.
© Enrique Winter

© Enrique Winter

© Enrique Winter


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