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Aung Myat Htay, artist, writer, curator, Myanmar
© Aung Myat Htay

Is only a sad artist a good artist?
Survival in the Arts. Virtual Think Tank


An open platform for exchange between conceptual and video artists and curators about the changing art environment, about art in these times. An opportunity to network digitally, to introduce oneself, to exchange ideas, to motivate and to persevere as an artist.


2020 has been a horrible year for artists thanks to Corona and the restrictions that came with it. Without presentation opportunities such as exhibitions, a source of income fell away. Projects could not be realised and fees were cancelled, resulting in existentially threatening restrictions. We want to come together in our Think Tank, network artists with each other, motivate them and think together about how things can continue for artists. How limited is the digital world and how much can it replace immediate, physical access to art? How can it continue for artists after or with Corona? What will change for artists in the course of 2021? Can art continue to be produced under such an existential threat and thus mental strain? Non-artists often have the idea that good artists are all sad fellows. But how much grief, stress and anxiety can an artist take? Can the art world "art its way out" of Corona?
This idea of open discussion across national borders directly excited all the artists. There is a longing to exchange ideas about the problems of our time, to perceive the changes in the environment, to get new energy and to fight for their own artistic survival.


Artists and curators come together for a Jour Fix and discuss the current situation. At the beginning of the Think Tank, all the artists introduce themselves to the public. Afterwards, we get together among ourselves. In summer there will be another opportunity for a public online meeting with the public and in December a final online exhibition is planned.
First public event in February.
Second public meeting in July.
Virtual exhibition in December.


Anna Myga Kasten, sculptor, Germany

Aung Myat Htay, artist, writer, curator, Myanmar

Jaco van Schalkwyk, South Africa

Macri Cáceres, Peru

Mandy Coppes Martin, South Africa/UK

Minnette Vari, video artist, South Africa

Sparrow, Graffiti artist, Uganda

Thu Kim Vhu, artist, Vietnam

Curator, author and literary scholar
Indra Wussow, Sylt Foundation, South Africa

Rayka Gerberding-Kobiella, Toonda e.V., Uganda

Supported by Goethe-Institut Peru