Residencies and Awards

TJ Dema

TJ Dema from Botswana spends a residency at the Sylt Foundation in Johannesburg and in Phnom Penh in 2015. It is a collaboration with Sauti Arts and Performance Management, Gabarone/Botswana. Thanks to Java Café in Phnom Penh to host the poetry night with TJ on the 11th march.

TJs Blog and CV:

TJ Dema (Botswana, 1981) is a spoken word poet who runs Sauti Arts and Performance Management and is chair of the Writers Association of Botswana. She took part in the 2005-2006 British Council and Lancaster University’s Crossing Borders project, with which she read at various festivals and other literary gatherings, such as the Cambridge Seminar on Contemporary Literature and Johannesburg Arts Alive. She has performed in many countries, including France, Denmark, India, South Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwe. A selection of her poetry has been translated into Chinese. She has recently recorded twelve Botswana poets on a multilingual CD titled Dreaming Is A Gift For Me.