South South Dialogue

A collaboration of our South African branch with cultural institutions, partners, artists and writers with other countries of the global South.

Thu Kim Vu is first Vietnamese artist-in-residence at the Sylt Foundation in Johannesburg

Hanoi based artist will be fellow of the Sylt Foundation in March 2016

The Sylt Foundation´s aim to enhance the South South dialogue enters the next phase. After initiating an exchange programme with SA SA Arts in Cambodia we will embark on a cooperation with Art Vietnam Gallery in Hanoi.

Curators of the programme are Suzanne Lecht, director of the Art Vietnam Gallery and Indra Wussow, director of the Sylt Foundation.

The first resident in Johannesburg will be the artist Thu Kim Vu from Hanoi, who will spend 5 weeks in Johannesburg in March next year.

Thu Kim Vu

Thu Kim Vu was born in 1976 in Hanoi, graduated her BFA from Hanoi University of Fine Arts in 1999, Vietnam and her MFA from the School of the Art Institutre of Chicago, United States in 2003. Focus on line drawing, paper material and using temporary spaces, she had been working on different projects through traveling to create a new experience based on how her line drawing changing the atmostphere of each space. Thu has been participated in a number of residencies worldwide in cluding Vermont Studio Center (USA) Goyang National Art studio, (Korea), Sanskriti Kendra, (India), Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen (Germany), Mc Coll Center of Visual Art (USA), Rockefeller Bellagio Center (Italy), Museum of Contemporary Art , A Coruna ( Spain)…which contribute a great influence in shaping her works into many directions.

There is also the idea to support Southern African artists with a residency in Hanoi at a later stage of the programme.

Art Vietnam Gallery