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© Minnette Vari

South African video artist Minnette Vari will be the first South African artist-in-residence of an exciting exchange programme the Sylt Foundation has initiated together with the Sa Sa Arts in Phnom Penh to connect Cambodian and South African artists. Cambodian photographer Lim SokchanLina was guest of the Sylt Foundation in Johannesburg in November last year.
Minnette will travel to Phnom Penh on the 18th June and stay in the Cambodian capital for two months.
Read here about her ideas and motivations for her residency:

I expect completely unfamiliar sights and sounds! The region has a rich and fascinating history, and I would like to learn much more about the local histories, mythologies and cultural practices. It would also be great to meet with artists and art educators and perhaps have opportunities to do talks and screenings of my work.

I would prefer to keep things open ended and see what images or issues come up during my visit, perhaps then linking it back to similar material or subject matter from South Africa. I like bringing disparate ideas together in surprising ways, so I'm excited at the opportunity to go on this journey of discovery.

My preparation is mainly reading about the region, trying to collect as much information as possible. I will bring some sketchbooks and of course my cameras to capture the wonderful ancient ruins and whatever else I'm bound to find.