Loch Chantha - freelance writer an literary researcher

Fellow of the Sylt Foundation
Loch Chantha is one of the authors reading during the Sylt Foundation's Transformation and Identity Programme in Phnom Penh/Cambodia, August 2017.

Loch Chantha is a freelance writer and literary researcher. He has worked for local radio Voice of Democracy and other international NGOs for drama scripts, song lyrics, and poems. Chantha also used to involve in journalism for in the past few years by writing news article for local newspaper. As a person who has a strong interesting is promoting Khmer writers and their literature, Chantha has produced a weekly radio program ‘Khmer Writers Talk Show’ using his own money by inviting writers to talk about their inspiration, works, and achievement. He had won second and third places for modern poetry in 2011 and 2013 respectively from the annual competition organized by Nou Hach Literary Association.