Choun Sopheap - writer and poet (Cambodia)

Fellow of the Sylt Foundation
Choun Sopheap is one of the authors reading during the Sylt Foundation's Transformation and Identity Programme in Phnom Penh/Cambodia, August 2017.

CHOUN Sopheap is a writer and poet. He has a strong interest on history and romance of the universe. He has published two English books: ‘Grief, Pain, and Sorrow’, and ‘The Rise and Downfall of the The Knight Templar’. He is now in the process of writing a history book investigating witchcraft from all around the world. Sopheap has regularly participated in poetry reading mainly organized by the Meta House. Presently, he is the event manager in Meta house and also a youth facilitator for ‘The Courageous Turtle project sponsored by the European Unions that this project requires him to travel around the country.